Equipping children with the vocabulary, permission, and courage to speak up about abuse through “Stop, Go and Tell.”



Your first step is to register with us so we know who to credit and contact about your progress. You will not be creating a unique account, but you will be letting us know who is completing the modules.


By watching three individuals present the "Go, Stop and Tell" program to students, you'll have a chance to see various styles of talking about the same information and important points that children need to hear.


After viewing a section of the presentation, you will review key points and answer questions based on the content covered. Each segment is approximately 5 minutes for a total of a 25-35 min presentation.



Our children’s presentation, “Stop, Go and Tell,” uses age-appropriate games, handout materials and repetition to help demonstrate the concept of personal space and healthy relationships.

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Bethesda is the only facility in Oklahoma devoted solely to helping children and families heal from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, offering thousands of children and families a healing place for broken hearts for more than 30 years. 

Specially trained therapists provide age-appropriate individual and group counseling in a comfortable setting through a variety of therapeutic interventions to help children process the abuse and heal.