My First School Year as the Education Director is a Wrap

This first year as the Education Director at Bethesda has been very rewarding. The staff at Bethesda has been so welcoming and supportive. Chelsea has been an amazing mentor. The CEO, Travis, is one of the best bosses you could ever have. A program that teaches children about personal boundaries and gives them a voice to speak for themselves has been one of the most personal rewarding experiences. To piggy back on a program that was developed by professional counselors – Stop, Go and Tell, is such a gift to our communities.

During this school year, we were able to present to 52 different schools and organizations, reaching 21,308 people with the first presentation. We were also able to follow up with 11,498 people to evaluate if  they remembered the curriculum. Success! The first few times doing follow-ups, I teared up after the session just because they remembered what was taught. Wow, the repetitive nature of the program drives the point home, we do have control over our bodies, and we CAN say no and…it’s not their fault.

The 23 disclosures were hard on the presenters, but knowing the child would be able to get counseling, and great counseling at that, is so rewarding. Bethesda has some of the most amazing TF-CBT I have ever seen. Watching children that we saw in the classroom come to Bethesda to receive counseling is such a great feeling. The cycle may be broken, or at least a child is able to achieve a normal lifestyle after reporting sexual abuse trauma. By the way, we don’t ever say “sexual abuse” in the classroom; We talk about breaking boundary rules.

Let’s take this program around the state. We can train anyone the curriculum and how to do the presentations, and we all can make it our own. We will be tracking all the data. Follow our lead.