10 facts about Bethesda and the topic of sexual abuse

  1. 1 in 4 girls will have some type of sexual assault before their 18th birthday.
  2. 1 in 6 boys will have some type of sexual assault before their 18th birthday.
  3. 90 % of child sexual abuse victims know their abuser.
  4. Bethesda provides expert care for all children in Oklahoma who have suffered the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. For over 35 years, Bethesda has been a place of healing. No child who has been sexually abused and seeks treatment is turned away, and no client is charged for our services. 
  5. Last year, Bethesda served 182 clients from Norman. Additionally, 71 clients from Moore, 43 clients from Noble, 16 clients from Lexington. Last year, Bethesda served 312 clients from the United Way of Norman service area, which makes up 48% of the total number of clients served (652). 
  6. Bethesda therapists are trained in evidence-based TF-CBT (Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which includes treatment for parents and caregivers.
  7. Is there hope if your child has been sexually abused?  Yes.
  8. In 2004 Bethesda staff created the Stop, Go Tell program for schools, equipping children with the vocabulary, permission and courage to speak up about abuse.
  9. In the last 5 years over 60,000 students have heard the Stop, Go and Tell presentation.
  10. 30 of Cleveland County elementary public schools have the Bethesda Stop, Go and Tell program in their school.