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About The Videos

Time expectations:

The videos are divided into four modules to break up the information and review key points before continuing. They do not need to be completed during a single session. Total time needed is approximately 45 minutes in order to watch the different presenters' approaches.


What you're watching:

You will watch three presenters as they talk to groups of kids using age-appropriate content. After each video, you will be presented with questions reviewing the content watched. It is important and beneficial to watch all three videos in each module even though they are covering the same materials. Each presenter delivers the information differently based on their personality and teaching style. Seeing the various methods is helpful to attain a well-rounded view on how you may present the information in the future.


What you'll be asked:

The questions are not intended to trick or stump you, only to remind you of the important bits of information and reinforce why they are significant. While at some times the answers may seem clear, please consider the importance of each question and how that interaction may sound to a young child. 


About the Presenters


Amy joined Bethesda’s team of talented therapists in August 2010. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma in December 2006 and her Master of Education in Community Counseling from the University of Oklahoma in May 2009. She received her license as a Professional Counselor in November 2011.


Mark joined Bethesda’s education program team in May 2014. He received his Bachelor of Social Work from East Central University in May 2005. Some of Mark’s work background includes experience as a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist, Community At-Risk Services Counselor and a Drug Demand Reduction Instructor.


Chelsea joined the Bethesda education team  in January 2017. She received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oklahoma State University in May 2016 and is currently pursuing a masters in professional counseling at Mid-America Christian University.